Welcome to Dave Wright Photography
Who I am & what I work for.
Welcome to Dave Wright Photography, I am a freelance photographer interested in all aspects of modern photography.
My main interests are in Nature, Wildlife, Landscape & more recently Astrophotography, I have spent most of my life in the great outdoors, I have been involved in just about every activity you can do in the outdoors.  Including canoeing, Abseiling, Climbing, Camping, Hiking, Scuba Diving & many others.  I have been a Bushcraft instructor for over 35 years & I am now semi-retired, I never had much time for photography during those early years, but I have now become heavily involved.
I decided to share some of my thousands of photo's, mostly just for the sake of sharing them, but also to hopefully inspire others to grab their cameras & go out into the world & capture everything & anything. 
Some photos were taken early on & maybe far from professional quality, but this site is more about my journey in photography & not to earn awards.... I hope you enjoy the few I have shared with you all.  Dave Wright.
· Wildlife photo's.
· Nature photo's.
· Landscape photo's.
· Astrophotography with :-
  Constellations, Stars, Planets
  & Deep
  Sky objects (Nebulae).
· Any other photo's that I
  captured while pursuing the
   other interests.
· Hopefully to inspire others.
· Finally to hopefully sell
  some photo's to cover some
  of the costs of equipment
Dave Wright
This is me, I am no spring chicken with the wear & tear of my active life is beginning to show, I have started to slow down a bit these days but I try to get out as much as possible to take more photo's.  I have taken thousands of photo's but not all of them make it into my portfolio.  My most recent venture is into astro-photography, I found that the dark nights were being wasted, so I started taking photo's of the night skies.
Sharon Wright
This is my wife Sharon, without whom I would not have been able to do many of the things I get up to, she has taken care of me & inspired me to carry on, letting me spend money on new gear without complaint, & helped me through those darker days were everything seems to go wrong. She encourages me to carry on & makes my life so much easier.  We have been married 35+ years and the bond gets stronger with each day
My Dog Max
The latest in a long line of rescue dogs we have had the pleasure of sharing our home & our lives with, each one had their own charactors & quirks, each one brightening our days with their unconditional love & companionship.  Max is a lovely, very mild temptered German Shepherd, he is also one of my models for photography, as was all of the other dogs we have looked after, you will see, he has a very photogenic face & is very cheeky.
Past Shoots
I have been on a good number of photoshoots & road-trips over the past few years, Some have been theme related & others just random shoots depending on my location & reason for being there, from beachs to fields, towns & gardens.  I will post random selections of some of the many photo's taken on these trips.
I will try to change them regularly, until I develop the site to hold more permanent galleries.
Next Shoots
I have a countryside shoot coming up this spring.
Also some beach shoots during the summer.
I will be active while on holiday later in the year.
And I have a number of astrophotography shoots spread over the year, unfortunately, these are weather dependant.  Judging by the weather over the last couple of months, I cannot even guess when these will take place.
Upcoming Road-trips
I am expecting to go on a south coast trip, starting from Ilse of Sheppey in North Kent, right around the coastline to Cornwall, full of whistlestop shoots & taking in scenery, nature & wildlife, and if I am blessed with some clear night skies then maybe a few star photo sessions.
I am hoping to squeeze in a trip to the Welsh hills & Loch Ness in Scotland.
Watch out Nessie !!....
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(If I am out on a shoot or a roadtrip I can normally be contacted via this Zello channel, if no reply I may be busy please leave a message & I will call you as soon as I am free).

Located in Bromley, Kent.