Past Shoots
I have been on a good number of photoshoots & road-trips over the past few years, Some have been theme related & others just random shoots depending on my location, from beachs to fields, towns & gardens. I will post random selections of some of the many photo's taken on these trips.
I will try to change them regularly, until I develop the site to hold more permanent galleries.
Next Shoots
I have a countryside shoot coming up this spring.
Also some beach shoots during the summer.
I will be active while on holiday later in the year.
And I have a number of astrophotography shoots spread over the year, unfortunately, these are weather dependant.  Judging by the weather over the last couple of months, I cannot even guess when these will take place.
Upcoming Road-trips
I am expecting to go on a south coast trip, starting from Ilse of Sheppey in North Kent, right around the coastline to Cornwall, full of whistlestop shoots & taking in scenery, nature & wildlife, weather permitting a few night star sessions.
I am hoping to squeeze in a trip to the Welsh hill & Loch Ness in Scotland.
What out Nessie !!....
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