Welcome to Dave Wright Photography
Who I am & what I work for.
Welcome to Dave Wright Photography, I am a freelance photographer interested in all aspects of modern photography.
My main interests are in Nature, Wildlife, Landscape & more recently Astrophotography, I have spent most of my life in the great outdoors, I have been involved in just about every activity you can do in the outdoors.  Including canoeing, Abseiling, Climbing, Camping, Hiking, Scuba Diving & many others.  I have been a Bushcraft instructor for over 36 years & I am now semi-retired, I never had much time for photography during those early years, but I have now become heavily involved.
I decided to share some of my thousands of photo's, mostly just for the sake of sharing them, but also to hopefully inspire others to grab their cameras & go out into the world & capture anything & everything. 
Some photos were taken early on & maybe far from professional quality, but this site is more about my journey in photography & not to earn awards.... I hope you enjoy the few I have shared with you all.  
Dave Wright.
· Wildlife photo's.
· Nature photo's.
· Landscape photo's.
· Astrophotography with :-
  Constellations, Stars, Planets
  & Deep
  Sky objects (Nebulae).
· Any other photo's that I
  captured while pursuing the
   other interests.
· Hopefully to inspire others.
· Finally to hopefully sell
  some photo's to cover some
  of the costs of equipment
Dave Wright
This is me, I am no spring chicken, with the wear & tear of my active life beginning to show, I have slowed down a lot these days but I try to get out as much as possible to take more photo's, partake in a bit of fishing, metal detecting & sound recording.  I have taken thousands of photo's over time but not all of them make it into my portfolio.  One of my problems is that I do not like to delete any photo's unless they are really badly blurred etc... So there may be a few snaps that find there way onto the website (sorry).  My most recent venture is into astro-photography, I found that the dark winter nights were being wasted, so I started taking photo's of the night skies.
Sharon Wright
This is my wife Sharon, without whom I would not have been able to do many of the things I get up to, she has taken care of me & inspired me to carry on, letting me spend money on new gear without complaint, & helped me through those darker days were everything seems to go wrong. She encourages me to carry on & makes my life so much easier.  We have been married 36+ years and the bond gets stronger with each day
My Dog Max
The latest in a long line of rescue dogs that we have had the pleasure of sharing our home & our lives with, each one had their own charactors & quirks, each one brightening our days with their unconditional love, companionship & hairs all over everything.   Max is a lovely, very mild temptered, crazy German Shepherd, he is also one of my models for photography, as were all of the other dogs we have looked after. Max certainly shows up when the camera is out, you will see his loopy antics on Instagram, he has a very photogenic face & is very cheeky.
I have been on a good number of photoshoots & road-trips over the past few years, Some have been theme related & others just random shoots depending on my location & reason for being there, from beaches to fields, towns & gardens.
I will post random selections of some of the many photo's taken on these trips.
I have just finished a 4 week roadtrip around the south of England, processing the photo's is going to take some time, I also used the trip as an opportunity to do some sound recording of waves crashing onto sand & pebbled beaches along with other wildlife sounds, these will be posted to my Soundcloud account in due course.
Past Shoots
Next Shoots
Current planned trips have been postponed until further notice due to COVID-19.  We hope you all stay safe & well, even if you do not believe the current situation is real, please follow the rules & help sort the problem out.
Future updates will be posted as soon as the situation is resolved.  
Thank you all for your continued support.
Upcoming Road-trips
Having completed a 4 week roadtrip in September I am already planning the next trip, I am using the current lockdown situation to process some of the thousands of photo's taken on that trip, as well as process the nature & wildlife sound recordings I made on the trip.  Once the COVID situation is resolved I am planning an astrophotography trip to the Elan Valley in Wales, a Bortle 2 rating on the dark skies chart, I have a number of great astronomical targets planned.
I am hoping to squeeze in a trip to Loch Ness in Scotland at some point too.
Watch out Nessie !!....
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